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Monday, May 27, 2013

What is a URL Shortener?

A Website link shortener is a web-based utility that will allow the individual to enter a long Website link for any unique webpage, mouse click a button, and automatically reduce that Link to an abbreviated form which is close to 10-20 characters. The intent of Link shorteners is three-fold:

1St, its incredibly beneficial for microbloggers, including Twitter members, who want to tweet URLs in their content. Having said that, having a 140-character restriction on web sites just like Twitter, it's regularly hard to add a very long Link together with an reason of why you are sharing it.  It just makes sense to shorten Twitter links.

2Nd, Link shorteners are effective since they are able to preserve a url to a selected webpage even though the Website link to that web page changes in the foreseeable future. Regrettably, its not assured that your shortened Link will operate once the original Website link changes.

3Rd, some Link shorteners let you observe the quantity of clicks your shortened website link receives, permitting your business to review the sort of site visitors that you are creating to your site, blog site, etc. with your live links on Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will help you to comprehend in far better detail exactly where your promotional initiatives are getting the most significant punch.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Link Shortener- Why Use a URL Shortener - Why use a URL Shortener on Twitter

Very long URLs are aesthetically unpleasant. They are also very difficult to remember. More frequently than not, website developers pass descriptive attributes in the URL to represent information hierarchies, command structures, transaction paths and session details. Copying a URL that contains many characters long tends to make the URL garbled. On the contrary, a short Link is worthwhile to copy on a forum write-up or an email message. URL shortening comes in the picture here. It's a process on the Internet where a company makes a web site available under a very brief Link, on top of that to the original internet site address. When you reduce your URL, you are able to publish that on your internet site,email or even well-known social media web sites such as Twitter.. You'll find many free URL shortener companies for short URLs. You also possess the possibility of customizing the Website link, password projection and limiting the number of visits.

You can find also twitter URL shorteners that might be used for diverse social bookmark URL shortening. Together with the advent of Twitter and it's 140 characters or less platform, shortening URLs is fast catching up. Should you use a micro blogging company just like Twitter, twitter URL shorteners can prove to generally be a blessing. If you'll want to publish a tweet and you know that your Hyperlink is too lengthy to accommodate every thing you may have to say, it is possible to use a URL shortening site. It's typical to see the exact same Link root transmitted out around the many Twitter accounts you follow. Shorteners are handy and fast. Incidentally, some solutions like Brb.bz have just lately permitted end users to customize the URLs, so the initial string above may be also marketed with a name you decide on. URL shortening providers have witnessed a renaissance inside the age of Twitter. When every single character counts, these providers lessen long URLs to tiny versions. A small URL will free up some characters for your key tweet. A short Website link aids straightforward Tweeting.

Monitoring is an major function as far as URLs are concerned. A couple of Hyperlink shortening products like Brb.bz offer you tracking stats, which in turn fluctuate from common to in depth reporting. Very long URLs break when quoted in an email message. This really is why you should pick URL shortening solutions. A small Hyperlink uses the smallest space doable. It really is a lot more readable and desirable. Hyperlink shortening providers are favored because website addresses are lengthy and hyperlinks break when distributed in an email. Additionally, as microblogging providers like Twitter are so common, an enhancing amount of services and apps, such as tracking and metrics ended up added to the fundamental Website link shortening capabilities. Short URLs are much more manageable. They don't break whenever you submit them to someone as a result of e-mail. You are going to be capable of monitor where and when a individual clicks with your hyperlink.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Shortening URL Benefits - URL Shorten Twitter

If you have ever used Twitter – and nowadays, who hasn't? – you've needless to say seen shortened URLs from providers that make brief addresses out of very long and unwieldy ones. These shorter URLs take up significantly less space, which can be very crucial on Twitter. A shorter URL leads to in more informative re-Tweets, mainly because more of the information can be included without any a long URL taking up space in a Tweet.

Short URLs are much better than lengthy ones. It’s so easy for a long URL to become corrupted when pasted into an e-mail, social media site, or forum which you risk frustrating the people you’re trying to point to a specific web site. But if you use a shorter URL, the odds of it becoming corrupted when you’re copying, cutting, and pasting, are much less, which means you will get the information to it's target as efficiently as possible.

If you’re using a URL shortening service, use one which is trustworthy, and pay a visit to your fresh, short addresses to make sure they are getting users to the right site prior to posting. Naturally, you will need to check out all standard length addresses as well, because the longer the URL, the more probable there is to be a mistake made in transferring it from one particular place to some other.

Many URL-shortening websites have other functions that you’ll like, too. They may offer you perks like anti- virus scanning of hyperlinks, the capability for users to generate commissions for clicks on shortened addresses, plug-ins for internet websites, and monitoring statistics for shortened URLs. Some provide customized content to be placed into shortened addresses, so it is possible to have brief, however informative links for your target audience.

Shorter web addresses can be used in various website positioning tactics. As an illustration, short URL solutions may take advantage of what are often known as 301 redirects, which notify search engines like Google that the short URL has moved completely to the long address with which it is linked. Hence, the search engines will credit those hyperlinks to the long URL.

But with URL shorteners that use 302 redirects, the short URL is thought of by the search engines to be temporary, and in these cases, link credit does not get handed on to the long URL.

So if you want links that you Tweet or otherwise reshare to build backlink credit for a site, it is advisable to use link shorteners that use 301 redirects, and if you do not want those backlinks to produce link credit for a site, opt for a service that uses 302 redirects.

Some of the greatest URL shortening services will present tracking statistics that present you with anything from basic to substantial reporting that lets you review the traffic coming from short URLs. This information can be particularly helpful in analyzing a site’s traffic details.

Shorter website addresses can be extremely handy for things like passing along hyperlinks in emails, and on social networking and micro-blogging websites. In some instances, businesses can have some control over the characters that make up the shortened URL, generating it much more personalized. Many businesses find these shortened URLs to be somewhat valuable and handy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

XenoCart.com eCommerce Store - a Shopify Alternative

XenoCart.com Delivers an eCommerce Store Comparison Around Itself and Shopify - Shopify Alternative

In an effort to place itself apart over the competition, eCommerce shop website XenoCart is delivering data comparing their turnkey product vs. Shopify, the preferred hosted solution in the market.

XenoCart.com is excited to release a series of educational releases to educate small companies all over the world on what makes XenoCart.com both distinct, and much better.

Hundreds of small businesses worldwide at present employ Shopify, however the question is would they if they had a much better alternative? In this press release we'll simply compare the expense and aspects of eCommerce Store and Cart providers Shopify vs. XenoCart.com.


Shopify offers various eCommerce store pricing amounts. For the sake of this publication and to keep the pricing levels remotely close, we'll evaluate their most basic eCommerce site selection, which is $29 per month. The turnkey product at XenoCart.com is as little as $14.92 each 30 days is paid for anually, and even $16.50 a month if paid every six months then the most costly at $19.67 a month if bought over a month by month basis. XenoCart.com is more than $9 each month less expensive, or over $111 per year less! Think about the Google Adwords businesses can purchase with an added $111 per calendar year!


The great news is with Shopify, businesses can use your individual domain name. The lousy news is you've got to purchase it separately. XenoCart being turnkey enables you to carry your own domain name or you obtain one at no cost when registering.


One typical characteristic equally shared by Shopify and XenoCart.com is unlimited bandwidth. No worries concerning the meter spinning on either site, they equally have your online business covered.

Product or service Totals

Let's take a closer look at the overall amount of services or products a business can add to their eCommerce stores, as this can be a biggie. With Shopify, customers are limited to one hundred products or services in their store catalog. To obtain extra, businesses need to purchase a bigger service. Actually, to get precisely the same product capacity as XenoCart.com. subscribers will need to dish out an Astounding $179 PER MONTH! XenoCart allows for unlimited products or services in each store, regardless of the cost paid.

Transaction Costs

Shopify charges its customers a 2% transaction fee. Should you were to market with Paypal, you're racking up some kind of fee's. External of the month-to-month or annual cost, Xenocart.com doesn't cost any added fee's.

Coupons and Discount Codes

To get coupon codes and discount code engines, members have to subscribe to the $59 each 30 days package at Shopify. Bulk discounts and coupons are an included characteristic at XenoCart.com.

Affiliate Management Programs

This one is a little bit tougher. We scoured the Shopify site for any indication their subscribers get affiliate management resources, or if a clients want to offer others to resell their products and payout commissions, and we discovered no indication they offer you this. XenoCart.com, the affiliate management system is incorporated to effortlessly start out your own affiliate program. If we discover otherwise, we'll update this news release.


Reporting is yet an additional feature we had a difficult time finding on Shopify. From what we gathered, their reporting involves you exporting a list of your product sales right into a spreadsheet. At XenoCart.com, businesses can keep a close eye on the efficiency of your business as a result of in depth reporting and graphical analytics from the store manager.

Product or service Ratings/Reviews

Letting your consumers rate and leave reviews on your services or products is a excellent referral program and results in far more income, just question everyone that has shopped at Amazon.com. A product review and rating system is a optimized choice at the XenoCart turnkey store. This is yet one more most likely elusive offering from Shopify.

If anything is factually incorrect and needs correcting, contact Support @ XenoCart.com

Shopify Vs. XenoCart.com - Compare eCommerce Store Solutions, a Shopify Alternative

Thousands of small businesses around the world currently use Shopify, but the question is would they if they had a better alternative? 

In this article we'll quickly compare the cost and features of eCommerce Store and Cart provider Shopify vs. XenoCart.com. Let's review a Shopify Alternative.

Shopify offers several eCommerce store pricing levels.  For the sake of this article and to keep the pricing points remotely close, we'll compare their most basic eCommerce site solution, which is $29 per month.  The turnkey solution at XenoCart.com is as low as $14.92 per month is paid annually  as well as $16.50 a month if paid every 6 months then the most pricey at $19.67 a month if purchased on a month by month basis.  XenoCart.com is over $9 per month cheaper, or over $111 per year less!  Imagine the Google Adwords you can buy with an extra $111 per year!

The good news is with Shopify, you can use your own domain name.  The bad news is you have to buy it separately.  XenoCart being turnkey allows you to bring your own domain name or you get one at no cost when registering.

One common characteristic both shared by Shopify and XenoCart.com is unlimited bandwidth.   No worries about the meter spinning on either website, they both have your business covered.

Product Totals
Let's take a closer look at the total number of products a user can add to their eCommerce stores, as this is a biggie.  With Shopify, users are limited to 100 products in their store catalog.  To get more, clients must order a larger package.  In fact, to get the same product capacity as XenoCart.com. subscribers will need to dish out an AMAZING $179 PER MONTH!  XenoCart allows for unlimited products in each store, regardless of the price paid.

Transaction Fees
Shopify charges its users a 2% transaction fee.  If you were to sell with Paypal, you're racking up some kind of fee's.  Outside of the monthly or annual cost, Xenocart.com doesn't charge any additional fee's.

Coupons and Discount Codes
To get coupon codes and discount code engines, users have to subscribe to the $59 per month package at Shopify.  Bulk discounts and coupons are an included feature at XenoCart.com.

Affiliate Management Systems
This one is a bit tougher.  We scoured the Shopify website for any indication their members get affiliate management tools, or if a clients wants to allow others to resell their products and payout commissions, and we found no sign they offer this.  XenoCart.com, the affiliate management system is included to easily start your own affiliate program.  If we learn otherwise, we'll update this release.

Reporting is yet another feature we had a hard time locating on Shopify.  From what we gathered, their reporting entails you exporting a list of your sales into a spreadsheet.  At XenoCart.com,  businesses can keep a close eye on the performance of your business via detailed reporting and graphical analytics from the store manager.

Product Ratings/Reviews
Letting your customers rate and leave reviews on your products is a fantastic referral program and leads to more sales, just ask anyone that has shopped at Amazon.com. A product review and rating system is a built in option at the XenoCart turnkey store.  This is yet another possibly elusive offering from Shopify.

More Information

If anything is factually incorrect and needs correcting, contact Support @ XenoCart.com

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kids Social Media Website SkoolMates.com Goes Live, Deemed the "Twitter for Kids"

Austin, TX  – The all new Kids Social Media site, SkoolMates.com, has officially gone live. Youngsters and classmates worldwide are now able to signup 100% free of charge and join with their school and childhood friends.

Worried mother and father can take comfort in knowing that SkoolMates.com contains profanity and unsuitable subject matter filters. As well, SkoolMates.com contains real time flagging so that children can report unfriendly or unappropriate post and comments easily. SkoolMates.com moderators are continuously scouring the website for subject material not deemed safe or suitable, promptly getting rid of the content and accounts of offenders.

SkoolMates.com enables kids of any age (up to 18) to register accounts free and post profiles, status updates, images and even videos. Much like the Twitter system, SkoolMates.com supports @ for direct chatting as well as the renowned hastag technique.

Other Individual Characteristics Include:

- Real-time messaging application.
- Me, Mentions & Profile personal pages (like Twitter).
- Automated notifications on Me & Mentions Webpage upon fresh messages/mentions.
- Images/Pics, YouTube & Vimeo video sharing software in messages (tweets).
- Private Messaging Program with Inbox/Sent.
- User Gallery containing uploaded photos and videos (with image cache system).
- Neat animations on reply/message, with notifications on actions.
- Real-time time stamps update.
- Gravatar integration with the possibility to manually upload a profile picture.
- Follow/Unfollow buddies.
- @mention members and friends.
- Establish new #hashtags and discover for brand new topics.
- Look for friends.
- View other members profile, view their followings/followers & much more.
- Delete your own messages.
- Mark Non-Public Messages as read/unread, or delete them
- View the most current members that talks about a particular #hashtag (topic).
- Report offending messages (tweets).
- Users can place their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles.
- Cross-Browser compatible with cell construction (responsive).

Kids can Find new kids, make friends, socialize and more at no cost. To register today, go to http://www.SkoolMates.com.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

eCommerce Shopping Cart Systems

At the very core of an online storefront is the shopping cart method that makes it possible for people to find and purchase products and services.

The cart system allows shoppers to acquire an inventory of merchandise for purchase by placing items into a digital cart. At the checkout the application will calculate a sum of the invoice with any applicable taxes, including delivery and handling.

Presently, you will discover three various kinds of shopping cart systems that are made to better suit the requirements of ecommerce stores; ordering systems, online storefront builder systems and specialized systems. An ordering shopping cart system is essentially the most common that makes it possible to choose and purchase on the web. For larger store offerings, a Storefront builder shopping cart system combines all of the features of an order system combined with contact management system (CMS). This enables you a much larger level of control over your retail outlet content. Having said that, in the event the eCommerce store offers business to business (b2b) options then a specialized ecommerce shopping cart system would most likely be the perfect fit.

Shopping cart systems commonly incorporate a database, a storefront and an administrative area. The database stores customer record, order information, product specifics, etc. A storefront displays this content while an administration spot allows a company to control the eCommerce store. Storefronts needs to integrate a store catalog that is presented usefully and is pleasing for consumers. Good administrative functionality needs to be easy to navigate, handle modules, assign options, and flexible to manage several shipping specifications.

A great number of web based eCommerce store builders will advertise possibly a licensed or hosted shopping cart system. A licensed shopping cart system may be downloaded and installed on a web server, occasionally associated with a onetime payment. Because the merchant will own the license the system can also be hosted on any web server. A hosted system can never be downloaded, but is hosted instead via a service provider and involves a recurring charge or nominal percentage of gross sales.

Merging the shopping cart system with your eCommerce store is usually uncomplicated. Shopping cart systems are commonly able to build dynamic pages. These pages are generated using articles in real time from the database that contains product data and store settings. For example a discount page could contain link to a page created by the shopping cart that displays discounted merchandise for that day or month. Some shopping cart system use pre-formatted templates to display eCommerce data. Other shopping cart systems don't use templates and make it possible for for a custom, more unique graphical interface design.

A superb shopping cart system enables the two the eCommerce store and buyer to participate in business with each other. Without it, eCommerce wouldn't be possible.

Get a TurnKey eCommerce Store - Easy to Use and Cheap!  Beautiful, Custom Designs

TurnKey eCommerce Website Provider XenoCart Prepares for Social Media

Xenocart.com, online provider of turnkey eCommerce shopping cart sites announces the upcoming addition of Social buttons.

Austin, TX – Online provider of turnkey eCommerce websites XenoCart.com is pleased to announce the upcoming addition of Social Media buttons to their websites.  Providing clients with beautifully designed  low cost turnkey eCommerce sites is about to be taken to the next level as Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media options are coming to their popular turkey solutions.
In the next several days, the new Social Media buttons will be added to the various gorgeous turnkey eCommerce designs.  XenoCart.com feels the latest addition of Social Media to their turnkey designs will add yet another feature that will continue to draw customers to their network.  Rebekah Hudson, owner of XenoCart.com states, “We’re extremely proud to be adding this new feature to our website.  Mostly, having clients and the public a new way to spread the word of the awesome power and abilities of the XenoCart.com eCommerce website platform.”
Small business owners and webmasters alike can purchase custom designed, turnkey eCommerce stores that are feature rich with options like bulk discounts and affiliate management.  Included in each client turnkey eCommerce solution, which is as low as $15 per month, is a custom and gorgeous store design, updates, secure shopping carts and even hosting.  Extremely easy to use, the XenoCart E-Commerce platform is one of the most user-friendly and powerful in the market.
For more information on a turnkey eCommerce website, visit XenoCart.com.
XenoCart.com is an online provider of turnkey eCommerce websites and turnkey eCommerce shopping carts. Each site has a custom design and offers rich features. Extremely easy to use the XenoCart.com E-Commerce platform is one of the most user-friendly and powerful in the market.

Friday, May 17, 2013

TurnKey eCommerce Site

You have quite a few strategies regarding a whole new web site. Do you think you're going to have it professionally designed? This will probably be the most pricey answer. Will you build it on your own? Much more affordable choice, but you must have some technical experience. Or will you employ a turnkey internet site? Affordable choice and no technical competencies are involved.

A turnkey shopping cart is a fully functional and operational website. In most instances, it entails hosting and almost everything else necessary to run the site such as pre-installed interactive scripts for forms, shopping carts (with product photos, descriptions, and prices), as well as affiliate options. The purchaser of a turnkey website can be in operation quickly.

A turnkey shopping cart is similar to acquiring a franchise. Everything necessary to run the company is already in place. All you need is the customers. Similarly, for an online business, all you need is the traffic or visitors. A turnkey web site is for individuals who need to get started out quickly and do not have the desire, interest or patience to create a site of their very own.

One of the leading rewards of a turnkey web site is the price tag. You can buy a turnkey site for significantly less than the cost of a custom built shopping cart. One more benefit will be the time you save since you will not be engaging in web style and design or waiting for a website designer to finish your web site.

If you are eager to get started out with an internet company and you have no concept where to begin, a turnkey website business is likely to be for you.

The most significant thing to keep in mind when using a turnkey shopping cart is despite the fact that companies can use the website as-is, the ability to customize your site is desirable. You are likely to have the most success if you add your own content and personality to the website.

A turnkey cart is a brilliant option for those of you that want to get started off with a web-based business quickly. Businesses can take their time and make customizations as their agenda permits. Look at a turnkey internet site as one of your many strategies when starting your home based web business. It saves you money and time so you may get started with your business straight away.

TurnKey eCommerce Site

GoogleNewsSubmit Acquires Turnkey Online eCommerce Website Provider XenoCart.com

Press release distribution company GoogleNewsSubmit.com announces the acquisition on online eCommerce Website Provider XenoCart.com. For as little as $15 per month, aspiring and existing small business owners can now have a beautifully custom made turnkey ecommerce site and begin selling in a matter of days.
Austin, TX -- Online Press Release Distribution company GoogleNewsSubmit.com is excited to announce the acquisition of online eCommerce WebsiteProvider XenoCart.com. XenoCart.com helps new and existing small businesses set up a robust & beautifully designed E-Commerce website within 3 days at an unbeatable price.

Rebekah Hudson, owner of GoogleNewsSubmit.com states, "We're extremely happy about our latest addition. We feel XenoCart.com will diversify our business a bit as well as provide our existing client base of over 3,500 small businesses the means to operate their own eCommerce store without paying thousands of dollars. With packages as low as $19 per month, which includes a domain name and hosting, XenoCart is in a position to take significant market share in the turnkey eCommerce store space."

With several packages available, new clients at XenoCart.com will receive a domain name, hosting and beautifully designed eCommerce store all within 3 business days. Aspiring small business owners will now be able to begin selling online without the costly contracts and commitments, technology or programming know-how and hosting cost.

XenoCart.com puts together some of the most visually stunning and captivating e-commerce websites that will outshine competitors and from coupons to bulk discounts and affiliate management, XenoCart.com E-Commerce system allows small businesses to do anything.

For more information on pricing, visit XenoCart.com today.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Get a TurnKey eCommerce Website

Get an E-Commerce website today!


We help you set up a robust & beautifully designed E-Commerce website within 3 days at an unbeatable price.

Gorgeous Design
We put together some of the most visually stunning and captivating e-commerce websites that will outshine your competitors.

Very Affordable
From as low as $15/month, this could be one of the best investments you could make for your online business.

From coupons to bulk discounts and affiliate management. Our E-Commerce system allows you to do anything.

Delivered in 3 Days
We deliver your fully-functional e-commerce website within 3 working days tops! It doesn't get faster than this!

Safe and Secure
Your business and data are safe with us. Worry less, and focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Extremely easy to use. Our E-Commerce platform is one of the most user-friendly and powerful in the market.


By far one of the most affordable, beautifully created websites I've ever paid for! If there's a shopping cart service out there that I'd recommend, it'll definitely be this one! - Jacklyne C.