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Thursday, May 23, 2013

XenoCart.com eCommerce Store - a Shopify Alternative

XenoCart.com Delivers an eCommerce Store Comparison Around Itself and Shopify - Shopify Alternative

In an effort to place itself apart over the competition, eCommerce shop website XenoCart is delivering data comparing their turnkey product vs. Shopify, the preferred hosted solution in the market.

XenoCart.com is excited to release a series of educational releases to educate small companies all over the world on what makes XenoCart.com both distinct, and much better.

Hundreds of small businesses worldwide at present employ Shopify, however the question is would they if they had a much better alternative? In this press release we'll simply compare the expense and aspects of eCommerce Store and Cart providers Shopify vs. XenoCart.com.


Shopify offers various eCommerce store pricing amounts. For the sake of this publication and to keep the pricing levels remotely close, we'll evaluate their most basic eCommerce site selection, which is $29 per month. The turnkey product at XenoCart.com is as little as $14.92 each 30 days is paid for anually, and even $16.50 a month if paid every six months then the most costly at $19.67 a month if bought over a month by month basis. XenoCart.com is more than $9 each month less expensive, or over $111 per year less! Think about the Google Adwords businesses can purchase with an added $111 per calendar year!


The great news is with Shopify, businesses can use your individual domain name. The lousy news is you've got to purchase it separately. XenoCart being turnkey enables you to carry your own domain name or you obtain one at no cost when registering.


One typical characteristic equally shared by Shopify and XenoCart.com is unlimited bandwidth. No worries concerning the meter spinning on either site, they equally have your online business covered.

Product or service Totals

Let's take a closer look at the overall amount of services or products a business can add to their eCommerce stores, as this can be a biggie. With Shopify, customers are limited to one hundred products or services in their store catalog. To obtain extra, businesses need to purchase a bigger service. Actually, to get precisely the same product capacity as XenoCart.com. subscribers will need to dish out an Astounding $179 PER MONTH! XenoCart allows for unlimited products or services in each store, regardless of the cost paid.

Transaction Costs

Shopify charges its customers a 2% transaction fee. Should you were to market with Paypal, you're racking up some kind of fee's. External of the month-to-month or annual cost, Xenocart.com doesn't cost any added fee's.

Coupons and Discount Codes

To get coupon codes and discount code engines, members have to subscribe to the $59 each 30 days package at Shopify. Bulk discounts and coupons are an included characteristic at XenoCart.com.

Affiliate Management Programs

This one is a little bit tougher. We scoured the Shopify site for any indication their subscribers get affiliate management resources, or if a clients want to offer others to resell their products and payout commissions, and we discovered no indication they offer you this. XenoCart.com, the affiliate management system is incorporated to effortlessly start out your own affiliate program. If we discover otherwise, we'll update this news release.


Reporting is yet an additional feature we had a difficult time finding on Shopify. From what we gathered, their reporting involves you exporting a list of your product sales right into a spreadsheet. At XenoCart.com, businesses can keep a close eye on the efficiency of your business as a result of in depth reporting and graphical analytics from the store manager.

Product or service Ratings/Reviews

Letting your consumers rate and leave reviews on your services or products is a excellent referral program and results in far more income, just question everyone that has shopped at Amazon.com. A product review and rating system is a optimized choice at the XenoCart turnkey store. This is yet one more most likely elusive offering from Shopify.

If anything is factually incorrect and needs correcting, contact Support @ XenoCart.com