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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kids Social Media Website SkoolMates.com Goes Live, Deemed the "Twitter for Kids"

Austin, TX  – The all new Kids Social Media site, SkoolMates.com, has officially gone live. Youngsters and classmates worldwide are now able to signup 100% free of charge and join with their school and childhood friends.

Worried mother and father can take comfort in knowing that SkoolMates.com contains profanity and unsuitable subject matter filters. As well, SkoolMates.com contains real time flagging so that children can report unfriendly or unappropriate post and comments easily. SkoolMates.com moderators are continuously scouring the website for subject material not deemed safe or suitable, promptly getting rid of the content and accounts of offenders.

SkoolMates.com enables kids of any age (up to 18) to register accounts free and post profiles, status updates, images and even videos. Much like the Twitter system, SkoolMates.com supports @ for direct chatting as well as the renowned hastag technique.

Other Individual Characteristics Include:

- Real-time messaging application.
- Me, Mentions & Profile personal pages (like Twitter).
- Automated notifications on Me & Mentions Webpage upon fresh messages/mentions.
- Images/Pics, YouTube & Vimeo video sharing software in messages (tweets).
- Private Messaging Program with Inbox/Sent.
- User Gallery containing uploaded photos and videos (with image cache system).
- Neat animations on reply/message, with notifications on actions.
- Real-time time stamps update.
- Gravatar integration with the possibility to manually upload a profile picture.
- Follow/Unfollow buddies.
- @mention members and friends.
- Establish new #hashtags and discover for brand new topics.
- Look for friends.
- View other members profile, view their followings/followers & much more.
- Delete your own messages.
- Mark Non-Public Messages as read/unread, or delete them
- View the most current members that talks about a particular #hashtag (topic).
- Report offending messages (tweets).
- Users can place their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles.
- Cross-Browser compatible with cell construction (responsive).

Kids can Find new kids, make friends, socialize and more at no cost. To register today, go to http://www.SkoolMates.com.